Everything that we use has been invented by someone, it is a dream come true. Each time people talk about inventions they think of Albert Ernestine, Bill Gates, what about the simple thinks like a toothpick.
Think for a moment about your favourite meal – what are the ingredients? We all could come up with different dishes, given the same ingredients. The difference though is some go beyond making a plate for themselves, to sharing it with others and then making money from selling it. That’s a business concept right there.
You too can develop your idea further into the next recipe, designer dress, hairstyle, better still you can be the hustler… I still buy my clothes from African or American retailers because they are suitable for my curvy body and just wish someone will provide them locally… that is opportunity right there… so when you see a gap do you think of making a difference or do you wish someone else would do something about it?

When you have spare time, what do you imagine… your dreams form part of your imagination which translate into your thoughts and ambitions, all that is left is a plan – that is the origin of a business plan right there.
The next step is to think through your imaginations, be realistic about them and start planning. When, how, how much, who do you go to, where will you go to. Think through your picture.

Prosperity is a planned result that starts with a written down dream followed by a strong desire for success. Gain control of your future by writing down your picture of success. What is your picture for travel, finance, beauty, well-being, family and business? Visualisation allows you to believe in your vision and act on it.

After coaching so many people, we have realized there are three stages that an individual and the business must go through; and these are:


It is through these stages that we start with an idea, which we develop further into a business concept and with the assistance of others we commence operations and make a profit. As our business grows, we put systems in place to relieve us of pressure and to maximize our earnings. We will discuss these stages further and hope that you will be able to transition smoothly from one stage to another.
DREAM: Requires creating a plan, establishing it and moving toward success.
REVIVE: Requires growth through unlimited learning about yourself and your business.
AUTOMATE: Requires use of technology and systems to increase productivity and efficiency.

I am yet to see an idea that cannot be transformed into a good business. Let’s all find a place and a space to make a difference and make money in the process.

Innovative. Enterprising. Creating. Rebuilding. Transforming.

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