Weekend things!

Unplug: turn off your laptop, turn off you phone, turn off all work related contact and be intentional about spending time with those you love doing the things you love. Studies have shown that human happiness is based on anticipation, plan to be happy, just plan for an outing, anticipate a weekend of relaxation. No matter how busy you are, YOU can plan to have a couple of hours to UNPLUG and relax.

Your question may be, that you get anxious because you have a thought lingering for an incomplete project or a deadline fast approaching…

“Burning out is not a price for success.”

 The solution is simple, just as you plan to unplug, plan to focus. After great fun and relaxation, your mind is ready to engage, it is like a clean car engine ready to fire. To take advantage of this, take time on a Friday afternoon to plan for the week ahead and set yourself for success. Ultimately the way you spend your weekend will determine how you approach your new week. Sunday afternoon, is your time to review your priorities, pack up your bags and prepare your meals for the week. Remember not to waste your weekend with meaningless overnight parties, that will leave you needing more time to recover, instead, Rest, Unplug and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Plenty of successful business people have discovered they need the same thing,  i.e.  to block out time to focus on family, friends, creative pursuits and hobbies.