Unplug – the key to success

Weekend things! Unplug: turn off your laptop, turn off you phone, turn off all work related contact and be intentional about spending time with those you love doing the things you love. Studies have shown that human happiness is based on anticipation, plan to be happy, just plan for an outing, anticipate a weekend of […]

Hustling Ideas

I am frequently askes; what businesses are people running out there? Or I do not have much money and want to start a small business, what can I do? This all depends on your skills and experience, the time you have to devote to it and most importantly your passion interests and goals Now here […]

Know your Competitors well

Profiling your competitors allows you to understand a range of key information about their business – including what prices they charge for their products, where they find their customers and how they advertise. Researching competing businesses to create a competitor profile will help you to see gaps in the market that your business can meet. […]

Think – Imagine – ASk

Everything that we use has been invented by someone, it is a dream come true. Each time people talk about inventions they think of Albert Ernestine, Bill Gates, what about the simple thinks like a toothpick. Think for a moment about your favourite meal – what are the ingredients? We all could come up with […]