Business Automation made simple

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Every business owner is the greatest asset to the business and therefore you need to frr up your time as much as possible for thinking and other personal taks outside of you business. There is plenty of apps to choose from that will help you free up your time, increase productivity and efficiency. We have […]

Stay productive when compelled to work from home

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What do you do when all of a sudden you have to work from home? Do you close the business and watch your sales sink? With all the mayhem regarding Covid 19  some home based businesses are compelled to close their doors to the public thus losing income. We have a solution for you, that […]

Checklist for Starting a business


Use this checklist to help you track your progress in commencing your business. This checklist will help you assessed your personal readiness for the type of business you want to start as well as the business management skills required to run a successful business. Assess your business idea Have you determined whether there is a […]